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A simple but smart note-taking app

FromScratch is a little app that you can use as a quick note taking or todo app.

  • Small and simple, all the focus is on the text you type
  • Saves on-the-fly, no need to manually save
  • Automatic indenting
  • Note-folding
  • Use checkboxes to keep track of your TODOs
  • Replaces common syntax with symbols, such as arrows
  • Dark and Light theme
  • Portable mode supported
  • Free


FromScratch is cross-platform and open source. Downloads available for:

FromScratch is built upon these open source projects: Electron, React, Fira Code, CodeMirror and Electron-react-boilerplate

Source code is available at Github. You can report issues and send pull requests there.


  • f1 open shortcut overview
  • cmd/ctrl+up move current line up
  • cmd/ctrl+down move current line down
  • cmd/ctrl+d delete current line
  • cmd/ctrl+w/q close application
  • cmd/ctrl +/= zoom text in
  • cmd/ctrl - zoom text out
  • cmd/ctrl+0 reset text size
  • cmd/ctrl+]/[ fold note collapsing
  • cmd/ctrl+f search (you can also use regular expressions, by starting and ending with a /)
  • shift+cmd/ctrl+f replace
  • shift+cmd/ctrl+r replace all
  • cmd/ctrl+g jump to line (you can also use <line>:<character> notation, or go relative lines with +<line> and -<line>)
  • cmd/ctrl+/ Add or toggle a checkbox
  • f11 Toggle fullscreen
  • cmd/ctrl+i Toggle between light and dark theme
  • alt show or hide menu (Windows only)
  • cmd/ctrl+s ...this does nothing.